Monday, November 30, 2015

Getting Close: One of the final updates on the book's progress

The title is: "Any Questions?" Appropriate for the end of the semester!

The end of the semester grading (one set of term papers down; another to go this week) and then final exams, as well as other duties (e.g., I am chairing a search for a Film Studies tenure-track position, and we are currently reviewing almost 200 dossiers of candidates) mean that work on the book has ground to a halt (mostly) until mid-December. Then comes the final push.

Here is where I am at the moment:

Introduction (basically finished)
Chapter 1 (basically finished)
Chapter 2 (basically finished)
Chapter 3 (basically finished)
Chapter 4 (still have 500 words to cut)
Chapter 5 (still have 3000 words to cut)
Conclusion (haven't started on it)
Appendix: "Glossary" of the parables covered in the book (about 1/4 done)
Illustrations/Images: I have permissions for about half of them.

All of the sections left to write (conclusion and appendix) are fairly short, so they won't take long to complete. After doing the final cutting in chapters 4 and 5, I then will go back again to make sure the volume does what it needs to do in all five chapters (and the intro and conclusion).

Finally I will write the Preface, including the dedication to the memory of two family members who passed away much too young.

That will be the hardest part to write.

By February, I should be ready to start on the next book. 

What about this blog, since it is dedicated to documenting the process of writing this book? I intend to keep it going for the time being, including updates on the book's publication and so forth, and perhaps it will also include the next reception history of the parables book that I intend to do next (Howard Thurman).

Of course, I am always open to ideas for what to do. The blog continues to be helpful for me and hopefully for you as well.

You can email me at if you have an idea to suggest for continuing/revising the blog!

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