Wednesday, April 29, 2020

And, Yes, the Last Thurman Quote Sounds Familiar

Compare the post about Doctor Who that I posted in January:

I know I need to get back to posting here from time to time, but until then:

Here's hoping that "The Doctor" is correct (Doctor Who, season 12, episode 2):

"These are the dark times. But they don’t sustain. Darkness never sustains, even though sometimes it feels it might."

The First of the Howard Thurman "Religion of Jesus" Tweets

The Religion of Jesus (1/?), according to #HowardThurman: "We should strive to do what is good not because of some promised reward either in this life or the next but because it is good." You can find it here.

Howard Thurman: "The Religion of Jesus" Tweets

As one response to the many crises facing the world today, the COVID-19 crisis and the resulting problems being caused or heightened by it, I started a daily tweet series about Howard Thurman's views on the Religion of Jesus. Today's 5-part tweet is about his sermon on the Wheat and the Tares parable.  

He talks about why, even when it appears to make no difference, we should choose to do good, including the expectation of Jesus that "the universe does not ultimately sustain tares [evil]".

What are They saying about the Parables? (Chapter 4 , part 6): Evaluation of recent contributions from Ruben Zimmermann

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