Sunday, May 25, 2014

Chartres Cathedral (#2): Good Samaritan Window, scenes 1-3

I will talk about the first three scenes in the Good Samaritan window at Chartres Cathedral in this post. An overview of all the stained glass windows at Chartres Cathedral may be found here. The links to all the Good Samaritan scenes in that window may be found here (the 24 pictures I will post of these scenes all come from that very helpful website).

As I noted in my previous post, the Good Samaritan window is found in the south aisle of the nave, and it has a total of 24 separate but interconnected images that make up the window. At the bottom are three scenes that depict shoemakers, the group that donated the money to pay for this window.

The first image (bottom left) shows a single shoemaker hard at work:

The second image (bottom center) shows two shoemakers working on soles of shoes:

The third scene (bottom right) shows a group of seven shoemakers presenting the panel of windows (that tell the story of the Good Samaritan in allegorical form) to the viewers. Some of shoemakers are looking up and worshipping Jesus:

The next scene, that I will discuss in the next post, presents Jesus in Luke 15:1-3 (telling the Lukan Pharisees and scribes the three "Lost" parables).

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