Monday, March 21, 2016

Ethics of Jesus class: Yes; I love my job (part 2)

My Ethics of Jesus class (most of them) at the Carter Center, March 17, 2016
Photo by Cathy Wooten

This post is also not about the parables of Jesus, although in class tomorrow we will talk about the Rich Fool parable.

Last Thursday's meeting with President Carter was with my Ethics of Jesus students (pictured above) and the Oxford College Interfaith Council, which is sponsored by our chaplain, Lyn Pace.

As I noted in the last post, President Carter started the hour by discussing his view of the Ethics of Jesus; then he gave the students a little quiz (which they passed). The rest of the hour President Carter answered students' questions--very good ones--and, as always, President Carter answered completely, honestly, and brilliantly. He is amazing. Fortunately, no one asked about the current embarrassing presidential campaign, and President Carter only mentioned it in a brief, wry aside. (and did not comment on anyone specifically).

The Ethics of Jesus course is not taught on the Atlanta campus of Emory University, and it is my favorite course to teach; it is my favorite topic and research interest, in fact (my second favorite course, which is also not taught on the Atlanta Emory campus, is "Portraits of Jesus," a course on art and the Gospels that I first taught in Emory's British Studies Program in the UK).

I am pleased that, as previous students have told me, the Ethics of Jesus class also has had a huge impact on the students who have taken it (which says a lot more about the material/subject than about the professor!). I have only taught the course three times, but each time has been fantastic. Oxford's students are great, and the ones who have taken this particular class have always been extra special. This class is no different; I (and, I hope, they) am really enjoying it.

Yes; I really love my job. Our students make it all worthwhile.

One final picture: Cathy Wooten also took a picture of Rita, Jacob (our son), and Jacob's friend Mary while we were at the Carter Center. Our son Camden was not able to attend this time.

From right to left: Mary, Jacob, Rita, and me
Photo by Cathy Wooten

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