Sunday, March 2, 2014

Article about the James Through the Centuries reception-history commentary

James of Jerusalem
Cathedral of Sts. James, Jerusalem
I wish to thank Cathy Wooten of Oxford College of Emory University for the article she published on my most recent book, James Through the Centuries. It can be found here.

The article includes a brief interview about what reception history is and the identity of "James," as well as a mention of my current book project (and this blog) on the reception history of the parables.

It also includes a very kind blurb from John Kloppenborg (University of Toronto) about my James book. My thanks both to John and to Alicia Batten for writing blurbs for the book cover. 

I am also grateful to my former teacher and friend of many years, Christopher Rowland (Dean Ireland's Professor at the University of Oxford), and Judith Kovacs as well, who invited me to write a reception-history volume in the Blackwell Bible Commentary series. Chris's recent book on William Blake, by the way, is brilliant (Blake and the Bible).

In honor of Chris, here is an image from Blake that I include in my James book (it quotes James 5:11). I discuss this image on pages 281-3 in the book:

 William Blake, Illustrations of the Book of Job [in Twenty-One Plates] . Yale
Center for British Art, Gift of J. T. Johnston Coe in memory of Henry E. Coe,
BA 1878, Henry E. Coe, Jr., BA 1917, and Henry E. Coe III, BA 1946.

I intend to include a discussion of Blake's The Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins in my reception history of the parables as well.

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