Saturday, November 22, 2014

SBL 2014 (p. 1)

Went to some good papers this morning and afternoon--nothing on the parables, however. I also had a chance to get to the book hall and buy some books. Cornelis Bennett's A Theory of Character looks promising; a lot of studies have been done on characterization in the Gospels since I started working on it in 1987. I'll be returning to that topic next year in a chapter for a book, Characters and Characterization in Luke-Acts (edited by Julia Snyder and Frank Dicken and to be published by Bloomsbury), and Bennett's book will be very helpful.  My chapter will revisit what I wrote about the parable of the Prodigal Son for my 1991 book on characterization, Host, Guest, Enemy, and Friend, and I will include some interesting elements of the reception history of that parable about both the younger and elder sons (i.e., their "afterlives") that I have found in my research for this reception history of the parables book with Baker Academic.

At the book hall, I also tried ordering Amy-Jill Levine's Short Stories by Jesus (about the parables), which should be fantastic, but it is currently out of stock.

It's also been great catching up with friends, especially the ones I only see once a year at SBL.

Right now I am going through my own paper one more time before I present tomorrow. Not a bad place to work, as the above photo demonstrates!

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