Monday, February 23, 2015

Orthodox Image of the Rich Fool Parable: A student's request for more information

Orthodox Image of the Rich Fool Parable

One of the students in my Honors Seminar is working on the parable of the Rich Fool. She currently is exploring five images of the parable, and she is having some difficulty locating very much information about two of them.

The first image is above; it is an Orthodox icon of the parable of the Rich Fool ("The Parable of the Rich Man who celebrated the Crops"). Note the building of the barns on the left, the rich man dying on the right, and the rich man again in the center (one of the web sites argues that this image is of Jesus).

The image is found on at least two web sites (e.g., here and here), but my student has had no luck in gathering further information about the image.

If anyone reading this blog has more information about this image or ideas about the best places for her to look for more information (she also is working with a couple research librarians), please email me ( She would be very grateful (and would, if you wish, reference you in her project, which will be online later this semester).

With many thanks for any information about the image that you could share.

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