Friday, May 8, 2015

More progress . . . .

I turned in final grades yesterday, and graduation is this weekend. It was a great semester with our fantastic students: They are not only talented students; they are also wonderful human beings. Best wishes to all our graduates!  

Wednesday I went to Emory libraries (Woodruff and Pitts) to get a number of volumes on Dr. King, Godspell, Kierkegaard, and non-Western art. It took three trips to the car and back with all the books, but I found a number of fantastic resources.

This morning I turned in my Biblical Odyssey article for the Society of Biblical literature. The piece (on the parable of the Sower) is scheduled to be online in July.

Earlier I had also turned in two articles for the Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception. Those articles were not on the parables, however; they were "The Epistle of James in Visual Art" and "James the Brother of Jesus in Visual Art." 

By Monday, I hope to have the section of the book on Dr. King finished. I decided to cover Dr. King in the book instead of Dr. Howard Thurman, because I hope my next book will be a co-authored/edited volume on Dr. Thurman and the parables. Dr. Kipton Jensen (Morehouse College) and I are in preliminary discussions about producing that volume.

Soon I will write a "real" reception history of the parables post for the blog!

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