Monday, February 1, 2016

Finished? One more proof reading before I turn it in

Proofreading the manuscript today at Pitts Theology Library in between meetings

January was a difficult month for a number of personal and professional reasons, but I am pleased to report that last Thursday I printed out the entire manuscript for the Reception History of the Parables book (no official title yet). 

It is 404 pages (it will be shorter in published book form), and the word count of the main sections is very close to the word count in the contract with Baker Academic. Thanks to Bryan Dyer for his help there. All in all I cut over 60,000 words.

I have proofread the Preface, Introduction, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2 already, and have done two sections of Chapter 3. I will send the final manuscript to Baker by Monday at the latest.

What is left to do? I do not yet have digital versions of some of the images I want to include, and I do not yet have permissions for most things (images, poems, song lyrics, film excerpts (texts of them), etc. For this type of book, there are many permissions to obtain (and fees to pay). 

Then there also is the regular process with the publisher, including the galleys, page proofs, and numerous odds and ends. But it is all worth it.

I am very pleased with the chapters themselves and look forward to seeing the book in print.

Next week I will begin working in earnest (along with some additional Oxford College responsibilities) on the next book project: a book on Howard Thurman and the parables that I plan to do with my friend and colleague Kipton Jensen of Morehouse College. 

I haven't yet decided what to start posting about next on the blog on receptions of the parables, but there are a lot of choices. 

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