Tuesday, April 24, 2018

First response to forthcoming book on Howard Thurman and the Parables

The book that Kipton Jensen and I introduced and edited, Sermons of the Parables, by Howard Thurman (above), won't be available until August, but we received word from Orbis Books that the first review blurb for the back cover was submitted.

The blurb was written by Dr. Walter Fluker, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Professor of Ethical Leadership at Boston University School of Theology and the Editor and Director of The Howard Thurman Papers Project.

Here is what Dr. Fluker wrote about the book:
Sermons on the Parables is a rare gem, a distillation of the creative and intimate connections between the parables of Jesus and the spirit of a master storyteller and spiritual virtuoso, Howard Thurman.  The themes found in Thurman’s  lively imagination are rich and riveting; and they call us back to the primacy of religious experience and ethical accountability.
I am honored to be associated with this project. Hopefully even more people will become aware of Dr. Thurman's significant contributions.

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