Monday, September 5, 2016

NT Scholars Blurbs about the Book (#3)

The third endorsement blurb on the Baker Academic website is from Duane Watson:
"David Gowler invites us to participate in a two-thousand-year-old dialogue with those seeking to understand and implement the simple, yet often perplexing, parables of Jesus. Gowler has assembled fifty conversation partners from literature, poetry, hymns, the visual arts, and theater that span the Christian era. These voices hail from a broad and diverse range of historically, theologically, and culturally significant contexts. By entering into this dialogue, Gowler hopes that rather than find what we expect to find in the parables, we can take off our own interpretive blinders and come to a fuller understanding of the meanings and applications of the parables to our lives. He succeeds! The conversation in which he engages us here is truly an eye-opening and enriching experience." 
Duane F. Watson, professor of New Testament studies, Malone University
If and when Baker Academic posts other endorsement blurbs, I will also post them here. So far so good!

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