Friday, September 9, 2016

NT Scholars blurbs about the book (#4)

Reading these endorsement blurbs about my forthcoming book is both exciting and humbling. All of them have been from respected New Testament scholars, so that makes them even more meaningful to me. I am grateful to all of them who read the book carefully and were willing to share their thoughts.

All of them are meaningful, but two of them, however, are especially significant:

Professor Christopher Rowland (Dean Irelands Professor emeritus, Oxford University) is also one of the premier scholars in Reception History, the focus of my book. His important work, such as on William Blake, help to inaugurate the current era of significant Reception History investigations (e.g., the Blackwell Bible Commentary series). I posted his blurb on August 31.

Dr. Christine Joynes, also of Oxford University, is the other person who is especially significant, because she is also one of the premier Reception History of the New Testament scholars. Her blurb about the book recently appeared on the Baker Academic website, so I will post it below.

Christine will be attending the SBL Conference in San Antonio, TX (SBL = Society of Biblical Literature). If she is presenting a paper again (she has done so every year for a while), I recommend that anyone attending AAR/SBL go see it. Christine's work is always interesting and thought-provoking. Last year her paper, "A Gender Agenda? Exploring the Politics of Biblical Art," was fascinating. I look forward to reading her forthcoming reception history commentary on the Gospel of Mark in the Blackwell series.

Here is what Christine wrote about my forthcoming book:

"This wonderfully engaging volume offers a rich array of insights, as the author introduces us to a chorus of diverse voices from a wide variety of media. David Gowler's immense learning is expressed with superb clarity, making interpretations of the parables across two millennia accessible to all. Highly recommended." 
Christine Joynes, director, Centre for Reception History of the Bible, University of Oxford

From what I understand, at least one more blurb about the book is forthcoming. I'll post it when it appears, but I also will soon resume posting about the Rich Man and Lazarus parable.

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