Thursday, September 15, 2016

NT Scholars blurbs about the book (#6) and an update about the indices

The endorsement blurbs just keep coming. The sixth one recently appeared on the Baker Academic page for the book.

This one comes from Dr. Mark Allan Powell, who has written some excellent books himself, including Jesus As A Figure in History: How Modern Historians View the Man from Galilee and the extremely popular, and deservedly so, textbookIntroduction to the New Testament, which is also published by Baker Academic.

Here is what Mark wrote:
"A volume bursting with potential! I have come to appreciate any publication by David B. Gowler--and this is his best book so far. A fascinating survey that sheds new light on the meaning of well-worn texts. Any teacher, student, or reader of the parables will find pearls and treasures in these pages--talents to be invested, seeds sure to bear fruit." 
Mark Allan Powell, professor of New Testament, Trinity Lutheran Seminary; author of Introducing the New Testament

In another development, last week I received the final pdf version of the book (where the page numbers are set), and I spent last weekend constructing the indices. I sent the indices in last weekend. Since I had already created the index "shells," it did not take as long as it normally would. The shells were actually harder to create and more painstaking work.  

I just received the indices back (with some questions about them) from Eric Salo, the production editor, and I will start working on them tonight. I should have the final (I hope) version of the indices done by tomorrow or Monday at the latest. 

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